Do I Get a Medal?

Is there a record for how many times you can go through the check out in a single trip to Wal-Mart? It's possible that I may be the record holder.

Yesterday morning, I ran over there because there were a few last minute things that I needed to grab for our last night of VBS and ink for our printer. I was so proud of myself that I stuck to my list and only my list. I was checking out and a friend called asking if I was still in said retailer. After I confirmed that I indeed was, she asked if I could pick up some strawberries for her. So, I finished paying, and went back through to pick up the berries. Princess Pigtails convinced me that we also needed to take some strawberries home with us as well. Into the cart went five boxes of strawberries. Back to the check out.

Apparently, I'm not entirely with it this week. Because I paid for four boxes. Turned around to put them in the cart and there was the other box. So, for the third time in less than ten minutes, I paid at Wal-Mart.

Gracious. So, glad that the week is coming to a close. VBS is done and we will be returning to our regularly scheduled life. Hopefully your week has gone well and involved less time spent in the check out lane at Wal-mart than mine!

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