Happy Birthday, Princess Pigtails! In four very short years, you have made life more full. I love you so much my heart aches. You are simply amazing and have taught me so much! Thank you for allowing me to slow down and see life through your eyes. I am blessed to be your mama!
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


Weekend Recap

What a weekend! We filled every moment of the weekend to the brim. We accomplished much and are finally so very, very close to the finish of the mudroom. It looks really good and I am so excited! DH has done an awesome job! I'm so happy that he has the skills and abilities that allow us to do much of the work ourselves.

Other high lights: Saturday night found us out for dinner with the kiddos and let me just say, the whole experience was so great! The kids were absolutely amazing. I am encouraged that there is hope to enjoy dinner out with the family. Sunday we had the pleasure of enjoying a BBQ with some great friends from church. It was so much fun! Great conversation, good food and beautiful weather. What a night. We've got to do it again soon.

I have been on a mission to find a bike for Princess Pigtails' birthday--which is next week! How on earth is it already the middle of September? Anywhoo the bike search has been incredibly frustrating, but I was finally able to locate one on Sunday afternoon. There was much rejoicing! Who would've guessed it was be so difficult?!

So that's the scoop around here. What about you? What did you do over the holiday weekend?