Road Hog

After my experience today, I feel that it is necessary to share a addendum to the previous post. This morning, Princess Pigtails and I ran some errands. Finished up some Christmas shopping and such. (Yeah for me.) While driving home from our excursion, I could see some type of animal standing on the shoulder of the road ahead. At first glance, I thought it was some mammoth breed of dog, but at 60 mph it became quite clear that it was no dog. No, Ma'am. It was a lone hog. Pig, swine, hog whatever you want to call it--out for a brisk morning stroll. On the side of the road, getting a breath of fresh air.


You Know You Live in the Country...

It's been five years since Hubs and I made the move out here from the big city. The time has gone so quickly. Maybe it's the raging pregnancy hormones but I believe that I am actually beginning to forget what it was like to live within 10 minutes of a grocery store or any mass retailer for that matter. Not that I would mind living a little closer to say a Target, but I really do enjoy it--which is more than I would've been willing to say 4 1/2 years ago.

Anywhoo, there are many things I love about being out here. One of which is the view out my kitchen window:

There are many other things I love about living in the country--the distance from our neighbors, the expanse of our yard, our old farmhouse, the apple trees. I could go on and on.

However, I give you the first two entries on my list of "You know you live in the country when..."

  • Your babysitter rides her dad's four wheeler over to babysit.
  • Kids riding snowmobiles while wearing backpacks. Yes, they are riding their "sleds" to school...