Gobble, Gobble

Enjoy your day. Relax. Eat too much. Watch some football. Break out some board games or a deck of cards. Whatever you do, how ever you celebrate, take a moment to reflect on the many ways that you have been blessed. Meditate on those blessings as you begin to prepare your heart for the coming holidays. Focus on all that you have been entrusted, not what you are lacking.
Have a fantastic holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving.



I give you The Cheerleader:

And the Boo Boo Chicken:

Down on the Farm

Finally. Here's some pictures of our trip to A Maze N Farmyard back in October.

Couldn't get them both to look at me at the same time for anything. Oh, well.
What a great day!

I Bet They Wished There was a Tool for That

When I picked up Princess Pigtails and JK from preschool today, I glanced at the parent note and saw that they had talked about the Pilgrims today. The note usually contains some questions to ask in hopes of getting the kids to tell you more about their time at school. I generally use the time in the truck with the girls to go over these questions. As we drove away from preschool this morning, I began asking the girls what they had talked about today. After some discussion and prompting, they informed me, "Pilgrims". The next question on the note was "What did the Pilgrim children do?" The answer from the back seat? "They worked to earn money for their families. And they picked berries and scooped up goat poop."

So, there you have it folks. Your lesson for the day.


A Cheerleader, A BooBoo Chicken, and Other Random Details

Oh,Internets, I've missed you. Really, I have. It has been ridiculous around here and I am feeling a need to explain my absence. Here's the scoop since I last posted:

Halloween: Princess Pigtails was a cheerleader and was completely bummed that she left her pom-poms in the truck during trick or treating. Said disappointment was quickly overshadowed by the sheer JOY of going from house to house with her sweet friend, Addy. The girls were equally amazed that someone would give them candy for their buckets simply for saying "Trick or Treat!". It was hilarious. The Little Man was a chicken--frequently referred to as BooBoo Chicken, as he was not so impressed with the costume. But goodness it was cute. He and Addy's baby sister, Reese, enjoyed the trick or treating scenery from the luxury ride of Reese and Addy's wagon. The Little Man also thought it was entertaining to attempt removal of Reese's ladybug attenae during the course of trick or treating. Good times, good times.

The Little Man: Pretty efficient with the Army crawl now. Really it's more of a dragging of his body, as he only uses one arm and one leg to accomplish forward motion. It's the funniest thing to watch, but it works for him. He has also managed the whole moving himself into a sitting position from the back/stomach. The edge of his third tooth came through over the weekend and we are in the midst of transition from baby food to table food.

DH: After a couple days off, he is into WEEK 2 of the new job. So far, so good. (Thank you for the prayers!) Loved having him home for a couple of days, but it totally through off our routine! Still having an on-going dental saga continues. We are on month 4 of this drama. I should check if the dentist has some kind of frequent customer punch card or something. Hopefully we have rounded the corner on this now.

House: Still have a hole in my kitchen ceiling. Waiting on our contractor to get to us. Which is totally fine. Really. Because did I tell you? We have now demo'ed our back entry/mudroom/main door that everyone uses. Why now? Guess we didn't have enough chaos in our lives. And we are hosting Thanksgiving. But DH has been really working hard out there. The three new windows are in and he worked on framing in my new pantry yesterday. Yeah! So excited! Let me say, however, that it is amazing to me how significantly having the mudroom under construction has impacted the rest of the house. Crazy.

Me: I have been totally engrossed in a slew of crafts that I am working on for Christmas gifts. It has been so much fun. And the best part? I am like 75% done with Christmas gifts! Woo-hoo! However, I feel like I am getting further behind with each new day. Agh.
There are a couple of things weighing heavy on me right now:
My grandma had surgery 10 days ago to replace her defibrillator. The surgery appears to have gone well but she is experiencing quite a few struggles in her recovery. She was admitted back in to the hospital today after she apparently began to bleed through her shirt while on the elevator on the way up to see the doctor. It has been a difficult couple of weeks for her and my grandpa who has been the primary care giver.
My uncle who has been in treatment for cancer the last year begins a new consultation and program in Houston this week. If you would please join me in covering my dear Grandma and Uncle Dennis in prayer, I would be so grateful.