Just Another Manic Monday

Here we are at Monday again, already. I'm still trying to get my brain shifted out of VBS mode and back into regular life--you know where I have to plan meals, do laundry and generally not rely on my volunteer responsibilities taking over my life as an excuse. So, back to life as normal--and there is a lot of life to get back to judging from the laundry spilling out of the hampers! I've got a couple of thing rattling around in my brain that I want to sort out and then perhaps I will mentally be ready for the week! So, here you have it. My thoughts of the morning:

Last night, we were able to finally attend the marriage-care ministry that our Lead Pastor and his wife have started. How fun. We potlucked and there was child care provided (free babysitting, anyone? Sign me up!), a short video and then some "couple"' time to go off and discuss. The video series that we are using is absolutely awesome! Based on what we saw last night, I would highly recommend it! Hilarious. Looking forward to our next session.

Tomorrow night is National Night Out. Does your block or community have festivities? Our little town has a beach party each year. We will probably head up there for a while--and besides if I play my cards right, I might just get out of cooking yet another night!

Princess Pigtails will be three in mid-September. The cut off for school here is September 1. She technically will not be eligible to go to kindergarten for three more years. But there are some openings in the preschool at our church and we are back to considering enrolling her. That would mean she would have three years of preschool--which I don't necessarily think she is going to need. I've considered exploring some other pre-k programs, but in our area there really are very few options without having to drive a considerable distance. As much as I am not ready for this all to begin, I know she would benefit greatly from it and many of her little friends from church (with earlier birthdays) are enrolled for the fall as well. So, what to do, what to do. I have decided to enroll her in dance classes for the fall. Maybe that is enough. Need to pray about it some more.

Big week of birthdays in our family: Erin, my sister-in-law, Kylie, my cousin-in-law (is that a term?), Michael, another CIL and my grandmother are all celebrating this week. Also, our friend K's is coming up soon! Happy Birthday to all of you!! I need to get some shopping done! Arg. Perhaps I can get by without another trip to Wal-Mart.

Alright, deep cleansing breath. And I'm off to do laundry and get Princess Pigtails started on her breakfast. How about you? What on your list for the week?

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THE ROOST said...

I like the no cooking part:)....I am enjoying my sisters visit, like you hoping to get out of a little cooking. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer :)