Things I Love Thursday--Yummy Snacks

I'm a little late to this whole "organic" craze. We live in a relatively rural area and our grocery stores have very small natural/organic sections. My choices of products are some what limited. But I have been venturing into that section a little more frequently and something that I routinely pick up are Cheetos Natural White Cheddar. Cheetos Natural are part of a line from Frito-Lay that contain no preservatives, no added colors or artificial flavors. And they are certified organic. Of course, they are now a favorite around here. Big surprise. But most importantly--they are very, very YUMMY.

Before you run off to the store to peruse the snacks in your organic section, head on over to The Diaper Diaries and check out what other things you can't or shouldn't live without!


Shynea said...

I too have just recently caught on to the whole "organic" phenomenon, but I am loving it. I am all for anything that is healthier for my family. We have an organic farmers market in my town every Saturday that I just found out about, so I am going to check that out this weekend. I didn't know that Cheetos made anything organic, so I will have to go look for those during my next grocery shopping trip.

thediaperdiaries said...

Wait, cheetos that are healthy? I am all over that!!

Brooke said...

you had me at "cheetos"