And I'm back...

Good grief. Here's the run down since I checked in with you last.

So, last Friday, my laptop decided that it had served it's useful life and passed onto the peaceful gigabyte resting place, the docking station in the sky. I actually think that the spirit was willing but the screen was weak, as it appeared to be running, but the screen was done. Which, turns out is a key component to do most anything with a laptop other than using it for a paper weight.
Needless to say, I had to take a break from the good ol' blog because let me tell you--I love you all, but it is entirely too inconvenient to have to go, gasp, upstairs to the office to check in.

I had been saving my pennies and so yesterday afternoon, my new and shiny laptop came. It is red and sleek and very, very fast--the old one, bless it's heart was 6-7 years old and like a lot of us, just wasn't as quick as it used to be. Blogging on my new one is going to be a much more efficient and fun experience for sure. And besides, it's red so really I could just sit and look it all day, but apparently the kids need to be fed at some point. I tell you, some people's children.

Friday afternoon, the installer from the satellite company came. According to DH's conversation with the company, the installer was to come primarily to replace our current dish--as DH's suspected that it too had served it's useful life because of some miscellaneous issues we'd had with it over the last couple of months. Oh, and while the installer was here, two of our receivers would be switched out as well, because you know, why not? So, the installer gets here on Friday afternoon solely on a mission to swap out the receivers. Umm, hello? Dish not working. More pressing issue to me, because now the TV and the laptop are not working. I was fearing that we sadly might have to read a book or actually fold the laundry. The installer claimed he knew nothing about the request for the new dish and just when I was fearing the worst, he "fixed" the cables to the old one and we were back in business. Crises averted.

Sunday night Vacation Bible School started. It is my third year of directing it at our church and as usual, by the time VBS starts, I'm excited to see all of our planning come together and for the kids to experience the Jesus' love for them in a new way--but also, so ready for the week to be done. I am blessed to report that the week is going well (we have an awsome team of volunteers) the kids are having fun and the adults are tired--all true signs of a great kids' ministry!!

Monday morning we discovered that the AC was out, AGAIN. I made my weekly call to the contractor only to find out that he was going to have to order the parts which was totally fine. I can totally handle 90 degrees and 70% humidity, a toddler and an infant and no AC. RIGHT, because I'm a well adjusted pioneer woman. Oh, how I kid. While I was waiting for the contractor to call me back as to when the precious parts would be in to repair our AC--which by the way is only two years old--DH suggested that I grab the other fan from the attic and get it started upstairs. In theory, great plan. In reality, the kathunk, kathunk, kathunk noise the fan made when plugged in-not so great. Fortunately, there was just a hint of breeze Monday morning and with these big farmhouse windows flung wide open we were able to capitalize on it.

Lest you be concerned that my children and I melted in the sweltering heat and humidity, the HVAC contractor called back with the news! the good news! that the parts were in stock and that his son would be out to repair the fan in the afternoon. And he was. And the AC has been running since. Another crises averted.

That concludes my whining and sarcastic ramblings for today. Thank you for allowing me to vent. I feel better now. Really. Thank you.

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thediaperdiaries said...

May your old laptop rest in peace. Yippee for brand spankin' new laptops!!! Sorry bout the other stuff, but yippee new laptop!!