Things I Love Thursday--Norwex

Happy Thursday, Everyone. Once again, Jill over at Diaper Diaries is hosting a Things I Love Thursday so I feel obligated to share!! I have a new "thing" I love! I recently received some products from Norwex from my parents. Among the few items I now own are the universal microfiber cleaning cloth and the antibacterial window cloth.

Here's the deal to say wash the window in your screen door. You wet the microfiber cloth with water. Fold it, wipe the door down and follow with the window cloth. I was skeptical--but holy cow people! The results are awesome. I've now used it on the mirror in the bathroom and to clean up the nose and little hand prints from the bottom panes of the windows with the same great result. And really, can you get any easy than that? Easy, safe to use around the kiddos and not harmful to the environment. The cleaning cloth can be used to clean all sorts of surfaces--I actually also used it to wipe down our leather couch. The best part? When you need to wash it--drop it in the washer. The only inconvenience? You are not to wash it with items that generate lots of lint--like towels and it's not to be exposed to fabric softener. And I suppose it is an inconvenience that you have to order through a rep. But really? Totally worth it.

So that is one thing that I now love. Head over to Diaper Diaries and check out other items that you can't or shouldn't live without!


thediaperdiaries said...

Very interesting. I am going to have to show these to my dad. He is a freak about clean windows.

THE ROOST said...

Thanks for those tips.....Any short cut to window cleaning is appreciated:)