Questions for You

Things I am wondering about:
1. Why is it necessary to explain on the package of Cottonelle that 12 double rolls of toliet paper is equal to 24 single rolls?
2. Why is it that no matter how exhaustive my grocery list is I still get home and the very next meal I try to prepare--we are out of key ingredients? Why? Does this happen to anyone else?
3. Do you decorate above your kitchen cabinets? What do you have up there?

Just an update on the kiddos--The Little Man now has whatever virus Princess Pigtails had the beginning of last week. I thought Princess Pigtails was on the mend but she woke up this afternoon from her nap complaining that her ear hurts. Ugh.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Jules from "The Roost" said...

This time of year is hard on the little ones! I hope your entire house is better soon! I used to have tons of stuff above my cabinets and it drove me nuts. A few large things like baskets and jars look good but not a lot of dust collecting stuff! In my opinion. ;)

Jill McGregor said...

I do not have uppers above my cabinets in this house, but if you recall my MIL took the liberty of startig my teapot collection to decorate above the cabinets in my MN kitchen. It was fun at Christmas, especially after Tom rigged an outlet up there for me!