More Rambling...

I'm sorry.

I have no excuses. I really did not intend to leave that last post sitting out there so long. I apologize in advance for the bloggy whiplash you are about to endure.

Are there topics or things you'd like to see me blog about? Questions for me? A give-away? More recipes? More endless rambling? I'd like to know.

It's been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks with two consecutive weekends of birthday celebrations because The Little Man? He turned one last Friday. I can not believe how fast the year went! When I have a minute I will pull the pictures off the camera and post a few here. Promise.

Monday marked the beginning of a two week hiatus from preschool. This week was parent teacher conferences and next week is spring break. It may actually be a miracle if I survive this break. I have not been the mom I want to be lately. This week has only highlighted it. I've been short tempered. I've been unmotivated. I've been undisciplined. I've been struggling with some feelings of resentment and frustration.

I know that I have yet to post pictures on our mudroom. I will get to that as well. Some time soon. I hope.

I hope that the last couple of weeks have gone well for you. And that spring has sprung in your corner of the world. Ours not so much. Cold. Windy. Snow flurries. Ugh.

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Jules from "The Roost" said...

It's Life and we all understand it! =)