Confessions of a Magazine Junkie

I have confessed here before that I am a bit of a magazine junkie. I am a sucker for the slick paper and beautiful pictures. It takes a great deal of will power to make it through the check out lane without purchasing one or five. Serious will power. It's not so much the celebrity gossip that gets me or the fashion mags that draw me close. It's the perfectly accessorized mantle. The deliciously glazed chicken and couscous. The vibrant photo spread of a Victorian rose garden. As I flip through the pages, I sit and soak up the inspiration and dream. Dream of how beautifully my mantle would be decorated if only I had a mantle. I savor the thought that some how, some time I will learn to be a more adventurous cook. And I can fixate on the rose garden of my dreams--you know one that will maintain itself! It is my escape. I love printed media for that reason. There is some thing dreamy about running your fingers over the slick paper. The intoxicating photo journalism and the creative journey that can be sparked by a single photo. It is transforming to me.
I have subscribed to many, many magazines over the years and Lord knows, drug many, many more home with me as stowaways in my grocery sacks. But there has been one magazine that I have always received or picked up nearly my entire adult life. Country Home. My favorite. The one magazine that I couldn't wait to flip through, time and time again. A standard go-to gift subscription. Last summer I finally parted with 10 years of back issues in my efforts to purge the clutter around here. I wish now that I hadn't.
I learned shortly after the February issue arrived that Meredith Corp would no longer be publishing my beloved magazine. The March issue would be the last. Did I mention that my subscription was paid through 2012. I think it would've been better not to know ahead that the March issue would be the last. Really. By the time that it actually arrived I had built up in my brain all that last issue would be that I was disappointed. And bitter. But mostly disappointed.
I know that there are thousands of decorating blogs and e-zines out there. I know that I could get transported to another place by a means other than printed media. And I do frequent many of those blogs. And while I am inspired by many--I often find myself feeling inadequate and overwhelmed. I want to create an inviting and warm place for my family and friends. I want my house to be beautiful and comfortable. Somehow the perfection or results are less intimidating to me when I am gazing at a photo spread that I know was done by professionals for a publication. I can reason with myself that real houses don't look like that. Then in a matter of clicks, I can see that many real houses DO in fact look like that. Sigh. The reality of my lack of talent in this area stings.
I have been notified that the duration of my subscription will be converted to Family Circle. I am sure that is a fine magazine. But Meredith Corp, if you are listening: Family Circle is not the same. It's not the same AT ALL. And I am annoyed. And I am wondering what is going to fill this void. But mostly I am annoyed.

**I promised Jill that I would post some pictures of our mudroom project and progress. So that is my goal for the week. Keep me accountable!!**

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