Weekly Recap

Another crazy week is in the books. Here's a few of the highlights from the week that are still rattling around in my brain:

Had a great time at my friend Lisa's Tastefully Simple party. Probably spent too much money but I really love their products and I enjoy supporting my girlfriends! Thanks, Lisa!

Have you read this post over at SCL? Jon really speaks to something that I've struggled with all my adult life...

The book my Bible study group is doing right now is really interesting...we had a great discussion on Tuesday. I so enjoy those ladies!

Saw this darling little trench for Princess Pigtails in a store window yesterday:
Isn't just the cutest? Princess Pigtails informed me that it was her color and her size. It was a perfect fit. So cute. The price? Not so cute. $168. Seriously, J.Crew. Are you kidding me? $168? For a size 4T jacket? Umm, I'll get right on that.

Finally, had dinner last night with some friends that we have gotten reacquainted with through Facebook. It was so much fun. The kids ran crazy and it was fantastic! So happy they are in The Cities now and love that we were able to catch up! Looking forward to doing it again soon!

Hope you had an awesome week!

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Jules from "The Roost" said...

The coat is too cute....the price.....OH MY WORD! Maybe Target will have a knock-off! :)