The Kitchen

So, here are some "after" pictures of the kitchen. Go here if you missed the "before"... go ahead, I'll wait. Back? Okay, here we go:

My new ceiling:
I know. Pretty much looks like a ceiling. Thanks for humoring me.
(If you look closely at the door frame to the left, you'll notice we have some painting left to do...shhh.) The door on the right is the walkway out to the mudroom...

I'll apologize in advance for the glare in some of these pictures. A professional photographer I am not.
Some shots of the new floor:

I'm happy with the job the contractor did...
The cabinetry (which is not new, but I still love it) on the opposite wall:
My pot rack:
So, there you have it...thanks for asking, encouraging me and generally putting up with my whining over the last six months while this was in various stages of done.

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

It looks lovely! I bet it feels really nice to have it all done. It just makes you appreciate it all the more now :o).