Wednesday Randomness

Happy Wednesday! In an effort to recollect my brain here's an update of sorts. I apologize now for the randomness of it all!

Thank you so much for the encouragement regarding Princess Pigtails and her stalling techniques at the dinner table. I appreciate your thoughts and advice. I've really been limiting her snacks/drinks and she seems to be eating in a more efficient manner...hoping that it continues! Fingers crossed!

The Little Man will be 11 months on Saturday. Which hardly seems possible... Have I told you he is walking? Walking!! Has been at it for two weeks now and each day he is gaining more speed and confidence. He so badly wants to chase after his sister! Watch out Princess Pigtails!

I think that the kitchen is finally put back together. And the floor? Love it. If anyone is interested, I'll post some pictures.

We are making slow progress in the mudroom. Hoping that we can install the bead board ceiling this weekend. Then flooring, trim and doors...maybe we can be done by spring??

I've really been having some serious writer's block. Did you know that the number one google search that lands folks on my blog? My post about reheating ground beef. Interesting? I told you I have writer's block.

That's all I've got. What's on your "by spring" project list?

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Remodeling Guy said...

Hey! I, for one, would love to see some pictures of your work! Sounds like you have a lot happening!

Thanks for being part of The Crew!