We are so in the Zone

Occassionally, around casa de Mama we have a rare couple of days where things are just going smoothly and things are getting crossed off The List. I don't mean to brag, but more to say that if it can happen around here, then there are still miracles done in our midst!
Perhaps it was spurred on by the "predictions"/"threats" of local meterologists that this was going to be our last decent weekend until June. Maybe it was the inspiration brought on by a very "exciting" (I use that term loosely) Friday night trip to the Home Depot. Or maybe there was some type of planentary line up--I'm not sure, but while I was at a meeting on Saturday morning, Hubs and DD made lunch and started dinner. (Which eliminated at least a solid hour of discussion on what sounded good--what can I say? I'm indecivise at best when it comes to meal planning.) Saturday afternoon, Hubs put up the plastic on the back porch windows--because yes, we are klassy like that and we live in an old drafty house. I have a fancy new dimmer switch on the bathroom light. Sunday afternoon was cleaning out the gutter across the back of the house and check it--putting up the outside Christmas lights! It's the little things.
As of last night, ALL of the laundry was done, FOLDED and put away. Clean sheets on every bed and everything vaccumed! DD and I baked chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon. I made chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes (thanks to Hubs for help on the gravvy), and green beans for dinner. Our fun family activity was to defrost both of the big freezers last night.
Needless to say, I'm feeling the inspiration beginning to drain. And I need a nap and ideas for supper. And if there is still time in the day--possibly search for a life.

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