Seven Random Things About Me

Here we go:

1. Hubs and I have an ongoing argument/discussion on the appropriate verb to use when addressing a slight skin irritation. I have always said that you "itch" your "itch". He consistently insists that you "scratch" an "itch".

2. I have an aversion to bare feet touching mine. Sock footed doesn't bother me but bare footed sends me through the roof with little exception.

3. I would prefer to bake a cake from scratch rather than use a box mix. I know that this may seem silly given the perfected chemistry of cake mixes. But I really would rather bake from scratch. For me, baking something that I enjoy and have done for many years with both my mom and grandmother.

4. My music collection is extremely eclectic. I own Nelson "After the Rain" , Garth Brooks "The Hits" and Cyndi Lauper "12 Deadly Cyns and Then Some".

5. I have lived in 11 different towns since my birth.

6. I am in a fantasy football league. My team is called the Rockford Peaches.

7. I prefer Johnson and Johnson baby lotion to foofy lotion.

I'm tagging Minnesota McGregors and My Crazy Life.

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