Thanks Seems Inadequate

We are rapidly heading into the Thanksgiving holiday. In some recent conversations with Hubs, we have been discussing contentment and gratefulness. And I challenge you to reflect upon that which you are truly thankful for. Beyond a warm house, food to eat and the ability to provide for your family--while not lesser blessings, but those obvious on the surface. I am truly most thankful that I live in a country that I am free to worship and express faith openly. I am thankful for a gracious God that picks me up each and every time I fall, fail and flail. He remains the same merciful, patient Savior. God grant me the courage to step out, stand up for my faith and be counted.
I am also thankful for our family. For the little moments that are sandwiched in between the mundane. For a husband that I love dearly and am proud of, that shares and challenges my faith to deeper levels. For a precious daughter that warms my heart each and every day. And for the great and awesome responsibility of nurturing her in the faith. That God has blessed me richly with an extended family that is encouraging, supportive and loving.
For the amazing friends in my life--both new and old that are an inspiration to me. That make me laugh and understand when I cry. These women have such beautiful spirits and provide such encouragement to me. I am humbled by the relationships that have been entrusted to me--both blood relatives and precious friends. Just uttering "thank you" seems inadequate and yet it is enough. To acknowledge the Source and give thanks is enough for today.

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