The Scent of Memories

Do your favorite memories smell?  What scent invokes nostalgia?  For me, one of the strongest is the link between the aroma of diesel and sweet recollections of times spent with my grandparents as a child.   Tomorrow is my grandpa's birthday and I am taking time to be thankful for all these years I've been blessed to have both my grandparents in my life.  They are amazing people, the only grandparents I've ever really known (my paternal grandmother passed before I was born and my paternal grandfather when I was a preschooler).  I have learned many things from their lives, their example and I am full of gratitude for those lessons. My life is more full because of them. I have a more clear understanding of what our Heavenly Father designed families to be. And for that I will be forever grateful.  Happy Birthday, Grandpa.  Love you.

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