I Got My Vote On, Did You?

I love our country.  Truly.  I am so very thankful and blessed beyond a shadow of a doubt to be able to call it home.  I love days that give me opportunity to have a real-life Civics lesson with our kids.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I know that our right to vote and our freedom has not come easy or free.  And I am never more mindful of that sacrifice than when I go to vote.  It is literally a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes experience for me.  Every single time.  Yesterday was no exception.  I loved being able to stand in that line with my husband and children.  I loved holding the hand of my daughter and showing her the ballot. I loved the precious conversations that we had about how voting works and how important it is as citizens to exercise that right.  Yes, she is only five, but to have these conversations now--Gives me hope that our children will begin to understand the importance of our civic responsibilities.

And this morning, the election process is winding down for the moment. (Well, unless you live in Minnesota, like me.  Then, who knows when we will have a certified result in the Governor's race. But I digress...) Checking Facebook this morning, gave me pause as I reflected on the many status updates with a political message.  Some voicing frustration with the results.  Others, excited by the hope of things to come.  The emotion of the results is powerful and the future pregnant with possibility regardless of the side on which you fall. 

One thing most can agree on, however, today is great day in that the political ads have ceased.  I for one was strangely starting to miss good old regular commercials.  Did I really just type that? 

I hope that you voted, that you participated in the process and that you took a moment to really reflect on it. Thank you to those of you that have fought to protect our freedoms.  I know that our country is truly "The Home of Free BECAUSE of the Brave".  May God continue to bless America. 

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