To do or not to do?

So another full week and a half have gone by without a post. No excuses just that we have finally had some consecutive days of absolutely beautiful weather and I am finally trying to work out the summer routine. As always, I am trying to balance the activities, "at home" time and the to-do list. But that is no different than normal, I guess, only that I also want the moments to just sit out and enjoy the warm sun. Perhaps now that it does not appear that it will be raining/storming/wind blowing 90 miles an hour everyday, maybe it will be easier to get the routine down and work in a few projects as well.

Speaking of projects, BooMama is hosting a "before and after" bloggy extravaganza and I am considering participating. Because I for one could use a little accountability and might actually accomplish one of the projects that way. But then The List. The List is so long. Where to start? And how much can I reasonably expect to accomplish with Princess Pigtails and The Little Man here with me?

But the project I am considering tackling is this: The basement bathroom. Because it houses our only real shower (so really it is the equivalent to the main bath even though it is in the basement) I think that the impact would be significant. And quite honestly it is ugly. It was ugly long before we bought this old house. I've tried to tone it down by painting the upper part of the wall blue and accessorizing with blues and tans, but really how successful are my efforts going to be when the tile that goes half way up the wall all the way around is green. Like celery green. And the towel bars and toilet paper holder? Made of the same tile and tiled to the tiled wall. It is really quite lovely if you are obsessed with celery green in the tile form. And the floor? Varying shades of green in 1" tile. The ceiling also needs to be finished from a dry wall patch job that DH had to do when he replaced the vent/fan.

Possible solutions: Ideally, I would like to gut the whole thing and start over. However, I do not believe that is realistic. So, other options? I read recently that you can paint tile. I could just paint it. I mean what's the worst that can happen? Other than it looks horrible, I hate it and tear it down any way? The other possibility is just to take the leap and pray that the dry wall will be in decent shape and pull the tile off? But what condition can I expect the drywall to be in? Anyone know?
And the floor? Can I just vinyl over top of it? Also, I would like to paint the cabinets. But not sure--black? Paint the walls a warm brown? The towels currently in this bathroom are a light blue, navy blue and tan. The toilet and sink are white and the shower surround is tan. I am open to suggestions. Anyone have ideas?

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