Things I Love Thursday--Swaddle Designs

Jill over at Diaper Diaries does a weekly segment on Thursdays called "Things I Love". This week she has invited others to join her and link back to share. So because I'm always looking for bloggy material I thought I would participate.

My first post for "Things I Love Thursday" is to share my love for the Swaddle Designs Ultimate Receiving Blanket. A friend gave us our first Swaddle Designs blanket at a baby shower when I was preggo with Princess Pigtails. To be honest, I really hadn't done much reading about swaddling and wasn't sure that I needed a particular blanket for said business. But I was so wrong.

If you are a believer in swaddling your little one--which I am now-- then you know that not just any old receiving blanket will do. Most are too small and/or have some obnoxious graphic or print on them. The Swaddle Designs blanket is awesome! It is a perfect square and is BIG (42"x42")--which is ideal for swaddling. It is super snuggly soft and maintains that softness despite all of the laundering. I found myself wishing that I had six more--because of the number of times I stood impatiently waiting at the dryer for the blanket to be done so I could wrap the precious one up! The blanket is a great weight and the color options allow for coordination with nearly any nursery. It was a nice transition to a "blankie" for Princess Pigtails once she was past the swaddling stage. You know I ran out and bought one for The Little Man before I could consider the nursery "baby ready"! I should've picked up a package of the absolutely adorable Baby Burpies or one of the Baby Lovies while I was at it!

Head on over to Diaper Diaries to read about more items or products you shouldn't or can't live without!


Jodi said...

Hi Maria - thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you'll give hydrangeas a try again - they're really very low maintenance as long as they don't get too much sun and they get enough water.

Those swaddle blankets look great - I have an aunt who made me 3 big square ones when I was expecting my little boy and you're exactly right - a nice big square is so much nicer than the little small ones that come in so many packages! When I realized what a difference there was between what she made and most store bought, I was all the more appreciative! And, she used a light-weight polka dotted flannel that matched his nursery perfectly - I was delighted!

Take care!

thediaperdiaries said...

Must try this if I ever have another. I love to swaddle, but always find I am running out of fabric.