Side Order of Random

A few of the random thoughts that are running on a loop in my head:

1. Okay, so for the last week it has been a range of balmy temps--today it was 6 degrees, Saturday it was -2 and I would really like to know how much longer is winter going to last? Because the window on how much longer I can even somewhat get my coat fastened is quickly closing. And then what? I also could do without the full-on preggers waddle on more snow and ice.

2. How many meals do I need in the freezer for when the baby comes?

3. Why is it that you can go to the grocery store and drop $150 on Friday and by Monday have a list of 5 or 6 items (or more) you need before the weekend? I mean seriously. Am I just a bad list maker or do other people have this problem?

On a side note, I also must say that I had a conversation with my chiropractor on Monday regarding the neccessity of belt loops on maternity pants (what purpose do they really serve? Otherwise to use as a means to "hike" up the pants. Are you really likely to wear a belt?) ....he has now been educated. I feel so proud--as if I have done a public service on behalf of pregnant women everywhere.

Y'all can thank me later.

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