For the Love of Shopping

Let me just say that I love Land's End. My obsession began when I purchased a diaper bag similar to this prior to the arrival of Princess. I have not been disappointed with my purchase and the quality is superior at a reasonable price.

Well, in the short 2 1/2 years since that original purchase, I have bought all sorts of items such as these or this or that or the other thing. I have unofficially begun to refer to this as the Winter of Land's End. Seriously, in the month of November and the first part of December, the UPS man delivered no less than 1 box/week from my favorite e-tailer.

I had a new experience during my shopping frenzy this fall. For a couple of different reasons I had to contact their customer service center. In this day and age of minutes/hours/days of automated prompts and loops of cheesy music while you wait to actually speak to a live person, on the occasions that I had to call Land's End, imagine my surprise when a REAL LIVE person answered within one or two rings. No automated greetings, no "press 5, then 2, then 3888993383" and best of all no waiting to talk to a honest to goodness live person who was able to assist me without argument or in depth pleading on my part to have my request met.

Oh, Land's End how I love thee!

And then today, in the mail, I received a gift card from my favorite e-tailer, simply because when I originally ordered these toasty mittens for Princess they were not available in her size. (I was later able to snatch up a pair in her size, and they honored my original free shipping code that I had used...) How's that for making sure I stay a customer for life? And publicly declare my love!

So, please go on over to here and check out their Winter's End Savings Event. Pick up something adorable for yourself like this or this...

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