Things I Love Thursday--The Pampered Chef

A while back I did a post about my love for the smooth edge can opener by The Pampered Chef. Which got me thinking about how many of the kitchen utensils that I love and use frequently are actually items from The Pampered Chef. Let me say that I am not a demonstrator. I am not affiliated in any way with The Pampered Chef. I am simply a happy customer that is consistently pleased with the quality and utility of their products. That being said here are my "top 10" favorite items and most frequently used.

In no particular order:
smooth edge can opener
bamboo spoons
large batter bowl
small batter bowl
large serving spatula (the perfect spatula for cookies or lasagna)
mini serving spatula (the go-to for serving bars)
Measure-all measuring cup
Mix 'n scraper
small Mix 'n scraper
rotary grater

What it takes to make my list of favorites:
-These are hands down the items that I reach for with every recipe or meal that I make.
-Easy to clean--I run all these items through the dishwasher.
-With the exception of the rotary grater and can opener, I own multiples of all the rest. Seriously. I use them that often.
-Durability. I have owned similar utensils purchased through other venues. And replaced them with items from The Pampered Chef.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget or utensil (from The Pampered Chef or not)?

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Hoosier Homemade said...

Those are some of my favorites too. I love Pampered Chef and have lots of their products. I have a good friend that is a Director.
Thanks for sharing!

Sherry said...

I should have been a PC consultant with as much stuff as I have. I love their stones!! :D

Darlene said...

I stopped by to look at your pot rack (from your comment on the Nester's blog)....it looks great!

My favorite Pampered Chef things are the large mixing bowl (use it ALL the time) and the round stone baker. It just stays in my oven and even if we are baking a cake, etc. I just stick the pan on top....everything comes out wonderful and browned/cooked evenly.

thediaperdiaries said...

I love my wok. Does that count as a utensil? Probably not. I also have a rubber pastry brush that I love :)

Kelly Dawn said...

i came over from The Diaper Diaries :) and I LOVE my Pampered Chef - I have all the same things you do and they are all favorites and like you? I have multiples of all of them :) My absolute favorite pc item? MY STONES!!! I love my baking stones! love them... :) I have the vegetable tray that doubles as a deviled egg tray also and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mix n Chop :)