No Ordinary Friday

"Six hours. One Friday.
If it really happened... if God did commandeer his own crucifixion...if he did turn his back on his own son...if he did storm Satan's gate, then those six hours that Friday were packed with tragic triumph. If that was God on that cross, then the hill called Skull is a granite studded with stakes to which you can anchor.
Those six hours were no normal six hours. They were the most critical hours in history. For during those six hours on that Friday, God embedded in the earth three anchors points sturdy enough to withstand any hurricane.
Anchor point #1-My life is not futile.
Anchor point #2-My failures are not fatal.
Anchor point #3-My death is not final."
--Max Lucado, Six Hours One Friday, page 24 and 25

My life has been full of distraction. Full of blinding frustration and laced with continual failures. Those failures never seem more large than during a Lenten journey. Especially on Good Friday. Yet the hope, the message of salvation and forgiveness never more real. Easter is coming! A resounding reminder that my failures, my continual sin, my humanity are being put to death every day. Praise God for his mercy!

May this Friday be a Good one for you! Be encouraged--grab hold to the anchors of the cross! Easter is coming!!

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