Got Milk?

I've been busy thinking up things I can make that will use nearly a gallon of milk that is about to expire...There is nothing more annoying to me than to throw out food. Leftovers are one thing--I really try very hard to get through those or cook smaller amounts to limit the amount of leftovers--but unopened food? What a waste.
Normally, I would just do some baking and make short work of it, but we've been dealing with a house of sickies (again). We are also getting organized to be gone for the weekend. No time for baking so, this week I've made:
  • Pancakes--the ultimate go-to meal here, breakfast for dinner. Made a double batch, added some blueberries. Froze the remaining pancakes for quick breakfasts down the road...
  • Baked Custard--a childhood favorite of mine. Yum.
  • Milkshakes--a treat with burgers and fries!
I've got probably about 2 cups left. I'm thinking homemade pudding...we'll see if I get to it. Not being wasteful--that's something that I love. For more ideas, pop over and see Jill at The Diaper Diaries.


Denise said...

Pudding is my go to food when I need to use up milk before it expires.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Try soups. I love making cream of chicken with wild rice soup or ham and potato soup from allrecipes.com. They are sooo good.

La said...

Coconut pie? Is it okay that pie is a "go to" food for me? hahaha, that's probably why I haven't lost all the baby weight! =0

The Messy Mom said...

I can't keep up with the milk we go through in this house. No matter how many gallons I buy in advance it still seems to be gone well before the expiration date. Thanks for the dishwasher tip about the crocs, I love that. I am going to try it.

KCShipe said...

If you just run out of time before you can use it, milk does freeze really well. Just make sure to leave a couple inches of room for it to expand.
Thanks for stopping by my blog & I hope you have a wonderful kid-free vacation!