Works For Me Wednesdsay--Quick Breakfast

Among the millions of things that I learned from my mom, are the easy things you can do to provide a great breakfast for your family and a quick alternative to toast or cereal (again).
I know lots of people buy either frozen pancakes or frozen waffles. This can get expensive and here is where my tip comes in...Anytime that I make waffles or pancakes (breakfast or breakfast for dinner), I freeze what is leftover. Right now there is a bag of pancakes and a bag of waffles in my freezer. Reheating the pancakes is super quick, pop them in the microwave for 30 second-1 minute. It could be just as easy to reheat the waffles, but I like to microwave them for 30 seconds or so and then drop them in my toaster to crisp them up. (Which is still quicker and with less mess than whipping them up fresh!)
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AussieinAmerica said...

Great tip!

I have thought about doing this...now I'll have to try it.

Have a great day,

Jess B said...

We do this, too. I also make 2 loaves of texas toast into french toast and freeze on cookie sheets til I can put them into gallon size freezer bags.

Anonymous said...

Genius. I've tried to keep waffles before but they are always lip and blah. Heat them and TOAST them. A-Ha! You're a Genius. Blessings! ~Whitney

marigold said...

Mmmmm, pancakes and waffles! Now I know what I want for dinner!

p.s., I like to put corn in my 'cakes. Have you tried it?

Audra Krell said...

So much cheaper and tastes a 1000x better too! Thanks for the reminder.

THE ROOST said...

Girl that is a great tip. I love home grown pancakes! :0)

Kookie said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My Mom used to freeze a triple batch of waffles in bread sacks. The 8 of us would go through them so fast they didn't need freezer bags. If we were really lucky we'd get them with hot cocoa on cold school mornings. :)