Princess Pigtails Year 3

Dear Princess Pigtails,
Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl. I can hardly believe that it has already been three years that you have been bringing joy and laughter into our lives. Sweet pea, your smile warms my heart. Your tender heart and caring spirit is the essence of your being. God has truly blessed us with a precious gift.

This fall has been a whirlwind of big experiences for you--dance, preschool, Sunday school and you have gone into each one with enthusiasm and confidence. I pray that you will continue to carry that zest for life.

You have been so excited about your birthday instructing me and Daddy that there will be party hats and balloons for your party. Yesterday afternoon, while we were out running errands you told me that you would like your cake to be chocolate and that I should "cut it in half and put part of it in Tupperware". When I asked you why, you replied "so we can eat it later". Alright then.

You have adjusted very well to having a baby brother. Thank you for being so kind and gentle with The Little Man (most of the time). Thank you for loving on him even though your hugs look (and probably feel) more like "headlocks". Thank you for sitting on the floor and dragging out toy after toy after toy to "show" your brother. I love that you call him "smiley boy" or "buddy boy". He is blessed to have you for a sister.

You love pink and purple. You love wearing dresses and "fancy dancy" shoes. You are typically happy and energetic straight out of the gate in the morning. You have a lot to say. I frequently over hear you "playing" (in your imagination) with your cousins, Doodlebug and Mogey. You love to sing (both songs Mama knows and ones you make up yourself). You love to read books. You love to "cook" and to be a helper. You are obsessed with schedules, agendas and what is going happen next.

My lovebug, you have such a sweet spirit. I am beyond thankful for you and the opportunity to be your mama.

Happy Birthday!


THE ROOST said...

Happy birthday! I love the nick name lovebug! How cute...

Genny said...

Found you through Queen B and just stopped by to say hi. What a cute post.

Kari said...

I always think that small children are only as good as the parenting they receive and little Mis PP must have a couple great ones because it sounds like you have your very own mini-me. :) Happy Birthday Princess Pigtails!