Things I Love Thursday--A Tasty Snack

Everyone love a tasty snack, right? Have you tried Wheat Thin's Toasted Chips? Oh. My. So yummy. I'm not sure why they are called chips, because it really is more of a cracker, but certainly not your average cracker (or chip for that matter). I bought the Garden Valley Veggie variety a couple of weeks back to go with an olive spread that I had made for a party. Just bought opened another bag the beginning of the week for an alternative snack for the kids. The bag is nearly gone already, because once they are opened, we can't stop eating them! There is also a multi-grain variety that I am sure is equally tasty. And would be great for one of the BBQs or picnics you are heading to this weekend! Enjoy!
So, there you have it. Something I love. Head on over and see Jill at The Diaper Diaries and see what others are loving! And have a fun and safe 4th!


thediaperdiaries said...

Someone brought these over a few nights ago with some dip and I nearly polished off the whole box. It was rather obscene actually. So yummy!!

Christy said...

I can not even look at a box of snack crackers or it instantly disappears...love them too much!

Chelsea said...

I bought a bag a few weeks ago to go with the kids lunch. Ummm...I don't think they saw any. They are SO good!