Little Pumpkin

Two years ago, my dad spent the day with Princess Pigtails. That was their play day and my mom and I went shopping. My dad and Princess Pigtails went to the pumpkin patch, to the park to play, out to lunch...they had so much fun. So, a couple of weeks ago my dad suggested that he would like to take both kids (bless his heart) and do the pumpkin patch, etc. There may or may not have been the promise of shopping for my mom and I.
We picked last Friday as the day for the outing. Friday, my dad took both kids and headed out. Apparently my baby boy is terrified of large amounts of pumpkins. Dad said The Little Man was fine until he was out of the truck. Once out of the truck, my dad set him down on the ground and fit began. The Little Man screamed and cried. And screamed some more. Needless to say, I do not think that he enjoyed himself. What do you think?

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Jill McGregor said...

I seem to remember a similar reaction to the goats at Youngs... perhaps its farms he so dislikes... Might be good the farm is up for sale!