Drop in the Bucket

Since the first of the year, Princess Pigtail's preschool class has been talking about the concept of love buckets. The idea is that each of us carries an "emotional" bucket. When some one is kind to us or shows us compassion, they help fill our bucket. When someone is rude or uses unkind words, they empty our bucket. The preschool class has made buckets too illustrate the point and use this language when discussing their interactions with one another. This terminology has also made it's way to our home.
I love this concept because it is such an easy way for preschoolers to learn that their actions affect others. That what they say and do is a part of those around them. If only us adults could keep this top of mind how much more we could accomplish! Shortly after "buckets" were introduced at school, the kiddos and I were pulling into the garage here at home. I had stopped at the end of the drive way and got the mail, so in addition to helping Princess Pigtails with her backpack and wrestling both her and The Little Man out of their respective car seats, I had my purse and the mail to contend with as well. Anywhoo, as I shut the truck off, Princess Pigtails said "Mama, you could just put the mail in my backpack. Then you wouldn't have so many things to carry." I told her that I thought that was a great idea and thanked her for being so thoughtful. She smiled and said "You're welcome. I just filled your bucket." I laughed and agreed that yes she had filled my bucket. It was such a sweet exchange. My heart just melted right there.
So this past Monday, Princess Pigtail's class learned the Bible story of Joseph.
Me: "So, tell me about Joseph. What did you learn?"
PP: "Well, he had a fancy coat."
Me: "He sure did. What else did you learn?"
PP: "Umm...his brothers pushed him in a hole."
Me: "You're right. His brothers were not very kind to him."
PP: "Yeah. They emptied his bucket."

(They sure did alright. Plotting to kill him. Selling him into slavery. Telling his father that he is dead. That would empty any one's bucket.)

As a mom, I'm always feeling like mine is half full at best. And those around me? Can't say that I'm always that great at filling their buckets either. Snapping words. Barking orders. Gentle nagging. Empty. Empty. Empty. Just keeping it real...the buckets around here could stand to be filled more frequently.

How's your bucket today? What have you done to fill someone else's bucket today?


Minnesota McGregor's in Ohio said...

Oh, PP - I'm so blessed to have you as my god daughter. I pray that all these bucket lessons make your life full of love - always! Love- Auntie Jill

Anonymous said...

This was awesome! I may just have to steal this concept for my preschoolers! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Kari said...

What a great analogy. Puts it all into a perspective that is easy to understand and so rational. You know, just what preschool should do!

I love to discuss lessons learned in preschool and Sunday school with Gretchen. Second grade math with Katie, however is a challenge.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Oh I love the bucket concept! I will definitely be using that one.