A List a Mile Long

So, we are in the final countdown. With each day it is more and more impressed upon me that the arrival of Wee One is quickly approaching. And while my list of "to-dos" is looking pretty good, my worry list keeps getting longer with each passing day. I think without the preoccupation of baby related tasks, my mind is wandering and freed up to be consumed with unproductive worries. How am I going to do this? How is Princess Pigtails going to adjust? How is the nursing going to go this time? Will I be over this cold before I have to deliver this baby? How will the timing all go? And it goes on and on and on... Questions that I can not answer, can not control, can not change by worrying. Yet I do. A lot. Then this morning, I read this and I was refreshed, reminded and encouraged.
It was truly the Word I needed to hear today.

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Laura said...

It will all work itself out:) Maggie had some issues, but she now loves her brother sooooo much! She hates being away from him. The nursing thing was the hardest for her to understand and she still brings it up sometimes... Remember when Owen had to eat from your chest? That was funny.

I'm so excited for you guys!